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Origin story: I found them looking for a singer on BandMix.



Origin story: One night out at the bar with my friends whose boyfriends were in Rewind. I ended up getting really drunk (

which is very rare, I never drink) and kept yelling at the band from the front row " I wanna sing one!", I didn't get to at that time (Thank Goodness) but fast forward a couple months and one of the members were leaving and I got asked if I wanted to sing one and come to a jam session, next thing you know I am practicing for my first live show! eek!



Origin story: I joined through a craigslist ad posted by the other original guitarist looking for a 2nd guitarist and drummer to form a 90’s cover band. I really wanted to get back on stage and who doesn't love the 90's?




Origin story: Anthony knew I played guitar and asked me to join when a former member was moving out of state. My friends always told me I should join a band instead of just playing alone. I love putting on a show and playing songs that bring back fun memories.



Origin story: I missed the fun of playing in a band after 2 years of lockdowns and no live music. In 2017, I was in a 3 piece band called Retinal Echoes. We wrote a bunch of songs, played some shows, and recorded our first self-titled album at the end of 2019 which you can find on Spotify or any streaming service. When the lockdowns happened, the band broke up and I didnt play music again until I joined Rewind. It felt good to be back with music.



Origin story: I’ve known Anthony since high school and have also had musical history with him as well as the bass player/ drummer for DYS/ Deadwait for many years off and on. So naturally he would ask me if I knew any drummers that were looking to join his cover band to which I responded back with “besides me? No I don’t know anyone else” lol

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